"The World Filled with Stuff" from Æ (a collaboration of Ramon Hulspas & Erik Vermeulen from the Netherlands), is a random selection of stuff moved from building to building or spaces to spots.
                                        As they say about it,"Once we started documenting this, it took on an abstract life, going through different phases, morphing into different shapes due to changing situations and contexts.

                                 So, it also seems to be a kind of living creature: the work in progress, the Never-ending Story. We don't really know how it is going to manifest in a space, if we are allowed to speculate about a result at all.
                                 And we take this opportunity to be surprised by the 'childish' responsibility to have fun. It's dead serious.

                                "Wereld vol met spullen 6"   2010  With ramon hulspas  Video Installation,  Dimensions Variable, Ainsi, Maastricht, The Netherlands

                                 "Wereld vol met spullen 5"   2009  With ramon hulspas,  Mixed media,  Dimensions variable, HISK Gent

                                 "De wereld vol met spullen 3, Un mondo replete de objectos"  2008  With ramon hulspas  Æ Expo,  OKA gallery,   Porto, Portugal

                                 "Wereld vol met spullen 4 Yourspace"   2008    With ramon hulspas  Video installation,  Dimensions Variable   van Abbe Museum Eindhoven

                                 "Wereld vol met spullen 2"  2007  With ramon hulspas  Mixed media  500 x 500 x 400 cm   EDIT Festival Eindhoven

                                 "Miniramp pelt" 2006 Together with Ramon Hulspas, Wooden top layer of half pipe 488 x 855 x 200 cm Tac Eindhoven